Engine Replacements in Manchester | Full Nationwide Coverage

Sometimes, we find that remanufacturing or reconditioning a damaged engine isn’t the most cost-effective option. If you drive a car or commercial vehicle as a private motorist or a business owner, or if you run a main dealership, an independent garage, a fleet company or any other type of automotive service, Total Vehicle Solutions UK can still help you. We specialise in engine replacements on all manufacturer marques, for any make or model.


We have our own workshop and machine shop in Manchester, and provide our customers with full nationwide coverage on a genuine 24-hour basis, 7 days a week.


Based on your budget and your personal or business requirements, we fit a choice of new, remanufactured or reconditioned engine replacements. Wherever you happen to be, we arrange collection of your vehicle and bring it back to our workshop to perform the required work. Total Vehicle Solutions UK has a vehicle recovery truck for collecting non-runners.


We employ skilled technicians and engineers who have 20+ years of combined automotive repair experience – more than most competing service providers in the Manchester area.


Total Vehicle Solutions UK promises a simple, hassle-free replacement where we take care of all supply and installation requirements. We are not a scrap or breakers yard. When our company performs engine replacements, especially with remanufactured and reconditioned installations, it checks and tests all working components for performance and reliability.


Our aim is to supply engines that leave our Manchester workshop in perfect running order.


Stock Core Engines


Because we specialise in reconditioned engines and engine rebuilds, Total Vehicle Solutions UK has a stock core ready for immediate installation on a range of manufacturer makes and models. We also have immediate access to non-stock engines from a trusted network of suppliers and can usually have what you need delivered to us on the next working day.


Our company realises that replacement engines require significant investment from our Manchester and UK customers. For this reason, and for their reassurance, we cover our installations with 12-month unlimited and 24-month unlimited mileage warranties.

Engine Rebuilds


As an alternative to engine replacements, we also remanufacture and recondition. Each of these services involves an intricate and complex process that requires the attention of a knowledgeable and talented team just like our own. We have a machine and engineering shop in Manchester which is fully equipped with the industry’s most advanced tooling.

image of a filter being replaced in a car engine

Our engine rebuilds include:


  • Crankshaft Grinding
  • Cylinder Boring
  • Reface of the Head
  • Valve Grinding
  • Con Rod Repairs
  • Head Welding
  • Block Welding
  • Coil and Thread Repair
  • Stud Repair
  • Glow Plug Repair
  • Housing Line Boring
  • Carbon Scrubbing
  • Machine Work
  • Pressure Testing

Total Vehicle Solutions UK collects from any UK location, keeps you up to speed with progress during all engine replacements and engine rebuilds, contacts you to let you know when the vehicle is ready for collection or arranges delivery back to your location if required – always with the backing of our 12-month and 24-month unlimited mileage warranties.


Our company provides engines replacements and rebuilds on all petrol and diesel models, and with manual, automatic or semi-automatic transmission, with or without turbochargers.

Engine Replacements | Making the Right Choice


When an engine runs inefficiently, smokes or stops working completely, it could be time for a full replacement. There is much more to engine replacements than simply disassembling the old installation and fitting a new, remanufactured or reconditioned alternative. The work requires a specialist set of skills which, thankfully, come at a realistic price and can add years to the lifecycle of a vehicle while saving money on the cost of replacing it completely.


In the overwhelming majority of cases, repairing a car or commercial vehicle works out lower in cost than purchasing a new one. On older vehicles, replacement engines might cost more than the model is worth. Some customers still use our Manchester workshop for this service because they like their current vehicle enough to keep it or simply owe money on it.


Realistically, replacement engines are rarely worth consideration on a model aged 15 years or over unless it has a special sentimental value or falls into the classification of a classic or antique vehicle. Models under 12 years old will benefit more from engine replacements.

To discuss engine replacements, call us on 0161 503 1973. Based in Manchester, we provide full regional and nationwide coverage.

image of a filter being replaced in a car engine