Engine Rebuilds in Manchester | Our Services Explained

Although several engineers and scientists paved the way with their own prototypes, history credits Jean Joseph Etienne Lenoir as the first person to produce a commercial internal combustion engine around 1859. Since then, the automotive engine has come a long way and today’s more popular marques have advanced management systems which help technicians, such as those at our Manchester workshop, to diagnose problems with them.


Some problems are more complex than others. Engine rebuilds are the territory of the best engineers and technicians, and Total Vehicle Solutions UK is the best company of its kind.


We specialise in reconditioned engines and reconditioned gearboxes. Remanufacture and reconditioning gives our customers an affordable alternative to engine replacements. Total Vehicle Solutions UK is also Manchester’s most trusted choice for reconditioned turbos.


Our company delivers a full and professional service range that includes full kit packages.


Who is Total Vehicle Solutions UK?


We’re an established company with our own workshop and machine shop in Manchester. Although we operate nationwide, our business has many customers in the surrounding North West region. Reconditioned engines and reconditioned gearboxes describe our finished product. We are not a breakers yard and we never fit second-hand engines.


We specialise in engine rebuilds and nothing else.


When you come to us with an engine that needs remanufacturing or reconditioning, we strip and inspect the current installation then replace worn or damaged parts with new components. Our company also checks manufacturer and OE specifications on rework parts to provide customers in the Manchester area with a finished engine that runs perfectly.


If we think a vehicle is beyond economical repair, or if we can’t remanufacture or recondition the current installation, we can perform engine replacements instead.


For customers with turbocharger or DPF issues, Total Vehicle Solutions UK can provides reconditioned turbos which we finish to current ISO 9001:2008 requirements.


Reasons to Use Total Vehicle Solutions UK


The Manchester and the North West areas have no shortage of companies that work with reconditioned engines, reconditioned gearboxes and reconditioned turbos. Most garages and dealerships perform engine rebuilds but a sizeable proportion of them only look to repair the fault that caused the engine to fail. While this will get your car or commercial vehicle running, there’s never any guarantee as to when the engine will fail again.


Remanufacturing and reconditioning gets to the very heart of the engine, and checks the integrity of all parts and components as well as the internal tolerances.


A traditional garage only guarantees its workmanship for 12 months or 12,000 miles.


Total Vehicle Solutions UK cover reconditioned engines, reconditioned gearboxes and reconditioned turbos with 12-month and 24-month unlimited mileage warranties.


What’s more, we don’t expect you to jump through hoops to bring your vehicle to our Manchester workshop. Our company works on a 24/7 basis and has a recovery truck to pick up private motorists from the roadside or to transport customer and fleet vehicles from their own business premises back to our own. We can even deliver back to you.


We also have a stock range of engine replacements at or workshop, and a trusted supplier network which can deliver non-stock engines to us on the next working day.


Our customers receive a wealth of service benefits including:


  • Located in Manchester with full regional and nationwide coverage on request
  • Specialists in reconditioned engines for all manufacturer makes and models
  • Reconditioned gearboxes for customers with major transmission issues
  • Dedicated machine shop for boring and reface work on engine rebuilds
  • Compliant with all current OE, BS and ISO standards for the UK sector
  • DPF repairs and reconditioned turbos to support our engine rebuilds
  • Responsive engine replacement to get you back on the road and keep you there
  • 12-month unlimited mileage warranties and 24-month unlimited mileage warranties

To discuss engine rebuilds and replacements, contact Total Vehicle Solutions UK on 0161 503 1973. Based in Manchester, we provide full regional and nationwide coverage.