Reconditioned Engines in Manchester | Full Nationwide Coverage

Total Vehicle Solutions UK specialises in the remanufacture of engines from a Manchester workshop with an experienced team of engineers and technicians. We provide services to the public and the trade on a full nationwide scale, collecting from any UK location on a genuine 24/7 basis. Reconditioned engines are very much the heartbeat of our business.


We perform engine rebuilds on all manufacturer makes and models, from small passenger cars to commercial vehicles. Our UK customers include private motorists, main dealerships, independent garages and fleet companies. We have a strong rapport with them all.


Reconditioned engines are not second-hand products and we are not a breakers yard.


Instead, we much prefer to describe reconditioned engines as the finished product. Regular maintenance, such as a weekly water, oil and fluid check, usually preserves the overall life expectancy of an engine. Even so, regular maintenance and servicing won’t stop working component wearing or failing eventually. This is where our workshop in Manchester steps in to help. We perform reliable engine rebuilds at fair, honest and reasonable rates.


Total Vehicle Solutions UK welcomes enquiries from all prospective customers nationwide.

Causes of Engine Failure


Our company encounters two main reasons for needing reconditioned engines; significant wear to the bearings and incorrectly seated piston rings. The crankshaft, the rods and the pistons mount onto the bearings to allow free movement, and oil lubricates the bearings to keep them operational – often for tens of thousands of miles without major difficulties.


It is reasonable to expect some wear but inadequate maintenance or failing to adhere to the service schedule accelerates that wear and ultimately causes the engine to fail.


Our Manchester and UK customers normally come to us to discuss reconditioned engines after experiencing abnormal driving characteristics or knocking noises. Worn piston rings break the seal that contains expanding gases in the cylinder. This causes oil in the crankcase to escape and burn with fuel in the cylinder, resulting in a problem called blow-by.


It is not a coincidence that older cars and commercial vehicles which emit excessive volumes of smoke from the exhaust system are so often the subject of major engine rebuilds.


The Reconditioning Process


Reconditioned engines undergo strict engineering and testing at our Manchester premises. Our technicians drop the lower section of the engine, known as the short block, and pass it down to the engineers in our machine shop. Here, we disassemble and clean the short block to check its physical condition, and to also assess the repair work the engine needs.


Based on what we find during investigation, we typically replace the piston rings, the bearings and, sometimes, the pistons themselves. Our engineers also recondition the internal surfaces of cylinders and heads to guarantee a correct seal in the walls. We finish all engine rebuilds by reassembling the short block and fitting it back to the vehicle.

Symptoms of a Worn Engine


Through our experience with working on reconditioned engines, we frequently see the same reasons for a possible rebuild. Higher-than-average oil consumption and the emission of white smoke from the exhaust while the engine is cold usually indicate worn piston rings. A more extreme sign of premature wear is the presence of metal shavings in the engine oil.


Shavings or a loud knocking/chattering noise indicate dangerously worn bearings. All or any of these issues should point you towards one of our affordable engine rebuilds.


The team at our Manchester workshop works to manufacturer specification and defining BS standards. Total Vehicle Solutions UK also performs full engine replacements for private and trade customers across the country, and has a vehicle recovery service available to cope with roadside breakdowns or the transportation needs of trade and commercial clients.


Our company also specialises in reconditioned gearboxes for major transmission failures.

To discuss reconditioned engines and rebuilds, call us on 0161 503 1973. Based in Manchester, we provide full regional and nationwide coverage.