Reconditioned Turbos in Manchester, the North West and Nationwide

A failed or faulty turbo needs immediate attention from a genuine automotive specialist with reconditioning, remanufacturing and repair experience. Based in Manchester, Total Vehicle Solutions UK is a nationwide service provider helping private vehicle owners, main dealerships, independent garages, fleet companies and members of the motor trade.


Remanufactured and reconditioned turbos save our customers money on expensive replacement costs. Our company uses quality replacement turbocharger parts which comply fully with current ISO 9001:2008 requirements for turbo system repair and reconditioning.


Total Vehicle Solutions UK delivers a genuine 24/7 service with collections and recoveries available throughout the United Kingdom. We have a dedicated workshop and machine shop in Manchester, complete with skilled engineers and technicians who have 20+ years of combined experience in reconditioned engines and reconditioned gearboxes.


An advanced knowledge of engine rebuilding makes our personnel the trusted choice for work on reconditioned turbos, a term we use to describe the finished product.


Please be aware that we are not a scrap yard or a breakers yard, and we do not fit second-hand turbochargers to customer vehicles. We only remanufacture and recondition them.

Reconditioned Turbos and Turbo Repairs


Keep in mind that a turbo repair is nothing more than that; a method of making the turbo functional again by replacing the worn or damaged internal part that stops it from working properly. This is undoubtedly the cheapest way to get turbochargers operational again but not necessarily the best – nobody really knows when another internal part might fail.


Reconditioned turbos are turbochargers stripped down to each individual component by the team at our Manchester premises. We inspect the compressor housing and wheel, the turbine housing, shaft and wheel, the bearing housing, the heat shield and the seal plate (and the nozzle variable vane assembly in VNT turbos) for signs of wear and damage.


Our team also checks dimensions to make sure they meet OE tolerances.


Total Vehicle Solutions UK scraps and replaces any worn parts and components, and rebuilds with new bearings and seals. We only reuse parts that fall inside current OE parameters. Rebuilds include balancing and calibration of the actuator, resulting in premium reconditioned turbos which match manufacturer specifications and perform like new.


Remanufactured turbos vary from reconditioned turbo in the fact that we replace all internal parts and components apart from the compressor housing, the turbo housing and the vacuum or electronic actuator. We also test for noise, leaks and calibrate the actuator.

Our company also performs full replacements if we can’t economically repair a turbo.


Indications of a blown turbocharger include:


  • Slower and Louder Acceleration
  • Sudden Loss of Power
  • Unable to Maintain High Speeds
  • Dashboard Warning Light
  • Blue/Grey Smoke from Exhaust


Motorists in Manchester and nationwide experiencing one or a combination of these issues should consider reconditioned turbos instead of a repair or a complete replacement.


Causes of a worn or damaged turbocharger vary. Oil contamination, a lack of oil or the wrong type of oil all lead to the build-up of abrasive deposits in the engine. On modern cars, using a fully-synthetic oil prevents these deposits. Also, keep in mind that the quality of the original installation and how hard you drive your vehicle shortens the turbo’s lifespan.


Cracked and worn seals allow crankshaft oil to flow into the exhaust system and, to increase air pressure, the turbo has to work harder. This is another common reason for failure.


If you suspect a blown turbocharger in your vehicle, or if you work in the UK’s automotive sector and wish to build a relationship with a reliable service provider in Manchester that understands the world of reconditioned turbos better than most, we want to hear from you. Total Vehicle Solutions UK can perform diagnostic checks to analyse the working condition of turbochargers and quote you fairly for reconditioning, remanufacturing or repair.

To discuss reconditioned turbos, call us on 0161 503 1973. Based in Manchester, we provide full regional and nationwide coverage.